The ankle is the perfect place to show off a sneaky flash of personality - especially when you’re stuck in “professional attire” all week. If you’ve ever glanced down at a fellow commuter’s feet and felt cheered to see your favourite cartoon character peeking out between cuff and brogue, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

From a decadent mustard sock, to a jazzily patterned affair, socks really can maketh the man. We could all pick out the kooky character on the tube, or the gentleman who likes a bit of balance and structure in their life. But have you ever wondered what your socks are saying to other people?

We’ve rounded up our new collection of bold and brilliant footwear to demonstrate what your ankle attire of choice might be giving away…

Going Dotty

Have you ever encountered an individual who is ever so subtly strange? Perhaps you’re just a little unusual yourself. These aren’t socks for the outrageous extravert, rather they are the perfect pair for the person who may seem fairly straightforward on first encounter. It isn’t until you get to know them that you discover they have all sorts of interesting kooks and quirks. These are the socks of somebody with a garage or spare room dedicated to an out-of-the-ordinary hobby, which they probably don’t talk about with colleagues around the water cooler.

Earn Your Stripes

Some of us look back upon our school days and thank our lucky stars that we never have to go back to that dreadful place. Others look back upon their academic past with a warm, nostalgic glow - these are the socks for that individual. The person behind this particular pair relishes friends and family and is usually found at the centre of the gathering, partaking jovially in all of the fun.

Puppy Love

This is the perfect pair of socks for a pet lover. The kooky print also points to a person who has a strong sense of self - perhaps somebody who doesn’t pay any heed to what other humans think about him (especially when it’s dogs who are man’s best friend!). This person probably enjoys his own company and values his own personal space, but also loves the company of like-minded people. He probably has a small but carefully selected circle of friends who have his complete loyalty.

Taste The Rainbow

The gentleman behind these socks has no time for rules and norms. A true individual, this person puts a whole lot of himself into everything he does and doesn’t think twice about expressing himself freely - or breaking the mould if he has to. He may be considered loud or opinionated, but he’s never shy about coming forward - often with interesting creative input. The life and soul of the party, this is a person who makes every day an adventure for himself and anyone who’d like to join him along the way.